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NAA - GIVE BACK campaign

NAA - GIVE BACK campaign

by iTTCONNECT Thursday, 07 Sep 2017

Spring has taken the country by storm (let's hope there’s some rain associated with that storm) and it’s time to do our annual "Give Back" campaign, where we give of our time and advice exclusive to NAA Members.

This is the fifth year of the "Give Back" campaign and I am pleased to say that each year we engage with more and more NAA Members. Make this your year to engage! This year we are focussing on 3 elements to make sure that your websites are working correctly – after all, your website is your window for the world to look in.

Mobile compatible website

Does your website conform to the latest Google Algorithm – check for yourself. Click the Google Webmaster link and let Google do the test. If your site fails, it need not be the proverbial end of the world … just make sure it gets corrected and yes, this is a service we do provide …. alas, at a nominal cost.

Content is King

Are you adding content to your website on a regular basis? Regular means at least once a month and the easiest way to do this is by way of a Blog where you pen articles and add information relevant to what you do and where you offer it. Search engines are a 'giant library' and they cannot see/read images – they can only read text, so make sure you give them text. Get more advice on the subject at on our blog article. Is Content Still King?

Is your site being found?

How effective is your website – we'll gladly conduct an in-depth check to see how effective your website is from the search engines point of view and, no, there is no charge for this to NAA Members. To take advantage send us your website address.

One of our strengths is to de-mystify matters relating to the Internet, website hosting and Search Engine Optimisation so please feel free to ask any related questions you have – even the seemingly little ones are important. Ask Question