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Rank Your Website

Are you aware of your website’s security level / status?

Ensuring your site is secure is essential in protecting your website against hackers and online attacks. Your security also plays a vital role in how Google displays and presents your site to visitors.

I don't know

Does your website function and display well on your phone/mobile device?

Over 50% of all your website traffic / searches are generated from mobile devices. If your website does not display well on mobile, your customers will have a substandard user experience and you may lose that customer. In addition to this, Google will penalise you and will drop your website’s ranking.

It looks ok
Hard to navigate
Works well

Are you pleased with your website’s design (look and feel)?

It is a little outdated
I think it looks good
It is in dire need of a redesign
We get compliments all the time

Does your website accurately represent your business and its services/products?

It needs some work

What is your website’s loading speed? How long does it take for your website to load?

Statistics show that your website loading speed directly affects how quickly visitors leave your website. Google will also drop your ranking if your website loads slowly.

5-10 seconds - not too bad
under 2 seconds - loads like lightning
2-5 seconds - pretty fast
more than 10 seconds - I can make coffee while I wait...

Do you have an SEO strategy? Is your website optimised for search (Google)?

This is how your customers will find you (or won’t)! If you have any doubts or concerns about this, then get in touch. We can help you.

What is this?
So I am told
Not that I know of

Can you easily update your website?

I can login and update it easily
I have to ask my service provider to make any changes
My site never changes
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