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Web Hosting Package Options

Web Hosting Package Options

by iTTCONNECT Friday, 14 Apr 2023

It's not easy making a decision who to entrust your website hosting and website promotion to as there are so many so-called 'experts' in the field who promise 'the earth'. So often they over-promise and under-deliver so make sure you dig deeper - a lot deeper to make sure you are not left high and dry.
Tip 1 - have a look at the credentials of the company ; Tip 2, have a look at how long they have been in business - then Google them and see what comes up.

Nowadays, just 'hosting' your site does absolutely nothing - it's like designing and printing 25 000 full-colour brochures and then packing them away. We add more value than simply 'hosting' your site with our "Host & Promote" packages. The Host & Promote Standard and the Host & Promote PLUS packages are loaded with features that ensure that your website actually performs for you by being well-positioned in generic search engine results. If you have any specific requirements, our technical team are very well versed to tailor packages specifically to your needs, whether a full online reservation system or an intricate proprietry content management system, just drop us a line.

The key is affordability with technical peace of mind and lots of e-Marketing options available to you. For affordable eCommerce options, have a look at our dedicated WebShop Team.

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