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Internet Security

Internet Security

by iTTCONNECT Thursday, 31 Aug 2017

Security affects all aspects of our daily lives on an ongoing basis. We lock up and set the alarms on our property before leaving for work, we have bank pin codes to remember, we lock our cars whenever we park them, the list is endless. Similarly all your online information is at risk, and this is what hackers are targeting.

What is a hacker? A person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data. Nearly everything we do is connected to the internet -  communications, entertainment, banking, shopping, to mention but a few. Access to such a vast amount of personal information requires extensive responsibility on our part as consumers.

It is imperative that you safeguard ALL your information at ALL times.

A good idea is to update your Passwords from time-to-time and DO NOT save them in places where they can be easily accessed. Making sure ALL your Computers AS WELL AS ALL your mobile devices are running the latest Anti Virus software is crucial.

We highly recommend Award Winning Antivirus & Internet Security Software for Home or Business from ESET.
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In addition, if you have a website, make sure the login details are safe and not auto saved on your devices.

If at any time, you experience anything other than the norm with login information, ask questions, make sure your credentials are safe.

Some Internet Security Tips:

- NEVER click links in emails to any institutions (banks, SARS, Email Password reset).

- Make sure your Password includes letters in upper & lower case, numerals as well as wildcard characters (eg- DSqw23@&).

- NEVER use the same password twice and steer away from obvious passwords like names or birthdates.

- Make sure ALL software is up-to-date.

- NEVER open attachments from unknown sender(s).

- Run regular security scans on your devices.

- Be suspicious, if something seems strange, ask questions, investigate.