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How to prevent your email from being marked as Spam

How to prevent your email from being marked as Spam

by iTTCONNECT Thursday, 09 Nov 2017

Use the following tips when composing your email to help prevent it from being sent to the junk pile!

Spam filtering can be extremely effective in preventing unwanted emails from appearing in our inboxes but it can sometimes have the opposite effect and produce false negatives if the content of an email is thought of as spam.



Even if you do follow the above best practices, there may still be a chance that an email you have sent ends up in the recipient’s junk or spam folder. Spam filter administrators do not publicise their filtering techniques in a bid to stop spammers from circumventing spam filtering.

It is therefore advisable that if you do not receive a response within the expected time frame to follow up with the recipient via alternate means to confirm receipt of your email.