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E-Commerce is the way to go NOW!

E-Commerce is the way to go NOW!

by iTTCONNECT Friday, 01 Sep 2017

Having a shopping cart website gives you a certain competitive edge over those who may still not have gone online.

Customers these days are looking for the easiest and cheapest way to make their purchasing decision and thus search online for their desired products and services. If you have a product or even service, an eCommerce enabled WebShop will give you a far wider reach and also expand your traditional markets.

Why is it important?

1.   You are able to collect lead and customer data for email marketing.
2.   Reach new prospective customers through search engines.
3.   Increase visibility of store promotions.
4.   Allow prospective customers to shop where, how and when they want to.
5.   Ability to be open 24/7.
One of the most important aspects is the ease of ‘setting up shop’ and it is also more cost effective to manage an online store than a physical store.

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