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Why is Social Media Vitality Important?

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Why is Social Media Vitality Important?

In a nutshell Social Media has to do with interacting with people. Social media, we are told, will help us all “engage” with existing and new customers, potential partners, the media and other opinion formers in a way that will stimulate an on-going relationship with them. This will in turn lead to more profitability over time than a series of one-off transactions, since the cost of reaching a continuous stream of new customers will outweigh the cost of keeping in touch with existing customers. Social networking has big potential in offering information and marketing opportunities to the existing client base.

As important as social media is for your business, once you have built all of your social media profiles and are engaging other people online regularly, it is equally important to monitor the effectiveness of social media for your business. In this age of sophisticated technology, even if you don’t have a desire to be involved with social media for your business, you really don’t have a choice. You have to keep up with your customers and your competition. If you don’t get involved, you will be giving up your edge and other business people will shine in the eyes of potential and current customers and you will be left behind.

10 reasons why you need Social Media Marketing for a company:


Companies can use social media channels as a way for increasing its goodwill and trustworthiness which may ultimately result in better branding. In effect, business can have a conversation with its customers, which makes a great amount of credibility among its customers.

Lead Generation

This is another reason why companies should opt for social media marketing campaigns, as access to new leads is relatively inexpensive compared to traditional methods.

Engage with its customers

Social media channels make it easier and more flexible when it comes to engaging with its customers. Customer engagement is the most important benefit of social media marketing and this helps to retain its existing customers and also increase brand credibility.

Generate Relevant Traffic

Traffic generation is the sole purpose of all the online marketing campaigns and social media channels are highly powerful traffic generators.

Improve ROI

Promotion of your products in relevant and product niche social media channels can help you in increasing your return over investment (ROI).

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is the backbone of any industry and the feedback helps in improving the products and services. Since social media channels help in making customer engagement much easier, customer feedbacks are always there on the top and one can always expect helpful customer reviews and feedback, which can help in making the products or services even better.

Announcing Specials or new services

There is no other better and cheaper media than the social media networks to inform customers about special offers. These channels make it easier to spread the news to your targeted audience.

Know more about Customer preferences

Social Media allows you to know more about the trends and preferences of the customers and act accordingly. Knowing the preferences of your customers makes it easier for you to enhance your product and plan your online marketing campaigns in a much more effective way.

Influence on Search Engine Rankings

Search engines are the most relevant and consistent traffic generator for any website. Effective Social Media campaigns can bring out a remarkable influence on your search engine rankings. Since most of the search engine giants are going on with real time search results, the social media updates and bookmarks can help your site rank much better in the search engines.

Enhance Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship is an integral part of the growth of any company and when customer relationship fails, the company and its operations are also bound to fail. Social media channels help in strengthening bonds between the customer and the company and thus increase the stability of the company.

This is food for thought - but there is one thing that is clear – YOU need to at least be on Facebook and have a mobile website for your hospitality business. Chat to us if you have any questions.

Read more about Steps to create your own Facebook Page or Steps to create your own Twitter Account OR contact us if you want us to set this up for you.