What is a mobi site?

Responsive designA mobile enabled website means that your website can EASILY be viewed on any device; any screen size connected to the internet. So whether you have a small screen Blackberry or a larger screen iPhone or even a 7" tablet - you are guaranteed that your website appears perfectly each time. No more scrolling around the small screen to find anything. This is crucial as with so much competition out there, the customer will simply move on if he/she can not read something clearly.

Traditionally, access to the web has been via fixed-line services like dial up and ADSL with a desktop computer. However, the web is becoming more accessible by portable and wireless devices and the move to mobile Internet access has been accelerating with the rise since 2008 of larger multi touch smart phones, and of multi touch tablet computers since 2010.

Thanks to the birth of smart-phones, tablets, e-readers, and several different types of mobile phones, we live in a world where anyone can access the internet on-the-go. Unfortunately, websites have been designed for use on a standard computer monitor and higher resolution display screen and this does not show up well at lower resolutions screen of a smart phone.