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Google Marketing

Affordable pay-per-click adverts on Google Adwords

ADSLPay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is the most certain way in which to place your business at the top of Google search rankings.

This is achieved by paying for a relevant advert at the top or the side of the search results page. Pay-Per-Click, or PPC advertising does exactly what it says on the tin - you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your advert and goes through to your website.

Google's Pay per click (PPC) allows you to 'purchase' or 'bid' for keywords that people would enter to search for a product or service. See it this way, each keyword phrase that is used, has a value attached to it ( a cost in Rands ); the more popular the keyword phrase the more expensive it becomes.

Let's assume a keyword has a cost of R 5.00 - when someone searches for that keyword phrase, your advert will appear in Google ( above the normal results or on the right hand side ).

There is no cost for appearing BUT as soon as someone clicks through to your site, it will cost you that R 5.00. As a visitor clicks through to your site your Google account is debited with an amount that is based on supply and demand - ie, the more the keyword phrase is wanted; the higher the position, the more expensive the keyword phrase becomes.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

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Advantages of Adwords




1. Facilitates a guaranteed placement on the top search engines fast - you see your ads within hours of them being created.

2. Budget management - you decide how much you want to spend per month - how long your budget lasts is then dependant on how many click throughs you get.

3. Flexibility - there are no contractual obligations: the campaign can be turned on, paused and terminated at any time with 5 business day's notice.

4. Customisable - you can choose to target users by country or language which is an excellent way of segmenting your consumer markets.

We frequently monitor the campaign and send you performance reports monthly so that you have an idea where your spend is going and how effective it is. As you will see from the reports, it will report on the amount of times the advert has been placed and how many times someone has actually clicked on it ... the conversion rate is the important element to watch.

This is how it works



1. Campaigns are created based around specified keywords / phrases ( max 5-10 per campaign BUT the overiding factor is adspend budget per day )

2. The advert is created and clicks through to the client's website page. Daily budget is set, based on total monthly click through budget, ie R 600/month = R 20/day

3. The Google account is debited each time a searcher clicks on Ad to view website

4. Cost per keyword is dependent on popularity and position of keyword - unfortunately we cannot estimate this prior to setting up campaign, rather we set a max cost per keyword and adjust accordingly once campaign is live and we see keyword positions and costs.

5. When daily budget is used up, campaign will be paused until next day -therefore the higher the monthly budget, the greater the daily budget and the longer the campaign will be visible.

6. The campaign is monitored on a (min) weekly basis - reports showing campaign performance are prepared monthly and sent to you.

7. The difference between adspend and budget is our fee to administering, check, edit and report on progress of the client's campaign. This cost is R 350 pm plus vat irrespective of your adspend.

Google Adwords Campaign Costs



There are two costs involved in any Google campaign; first the once off set up and then the ongoing monthly fee:

1. Set up - per campaign, including keyword listing & selection, ad preparation and editing, setting up and placing campaign - R 550-00, once off, excl vat

2. Ongoing campaign - includes weekly monitoring & editing where required. This is broken down into the daily budget specific to the campaign, monthly admin fee and would run for a minimum of 3 months to be effective and create continuity - excl vat:

Option 1 - delivers on a budget of R 20/day of clicks ENTRY
R 950.00 per month
Option 2 - delivers on a budget of R 30/day of clicks SMALL
R 1250.00 per month
Option 3 - delivers on a budget of R 50/day of clicks MEDIUM
R 1850.00 per month
Option 4 - delivers on a budget of R 75/day of clicks LARGE
R 2600.00 per month
Option 5 - delivers on a budget of R 100/day of clicks XLARGE
R 3350.00 per month

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