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How do I set up an Auto Responder?

Set-up an auto responder on a mailbox via WebMail:

1. Browse to your WebMail log in ( or .com whichever is your domain )

2. Login with your email address and email password

3. Select ‘Mail Admin’ from the top menu ( Portal / Filters / Mail Admin / Address Book )

4. The main window will display all the existing active email accounts for your domain

5. Select ‘Autoreply’ next to the mailbox for which you wish to set-up the auto response

6. Complete information requested

7. Select ‘On’ from the Autoreply drop down

8. Click on ‘Add’

Your auto responder is now active. To test it, send an email to the address and see if you receive the auto response.

To remove the auto responder:

1. Follows steps 1-5 above

2. From the ‘Autoreply’ drop down select ‘Off’

3. Click on ‘Add’

4. You will notice when you go back to ‘Menu’ that Autoreply will no longer display ‘On’