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Apple Mail Email Set Up

1. The first time you open up Mac Mail, you will be presented with the New Account wizard. You will need to click Continue.

2. Choose POP in the Account Type and fill in your name in Full Name and your email address into Email Address then click Continue.

3. In the field labeled Incoming Mail Server:, type In the User Name field, type your Email in Username. In the Password field, type your password, then click Continue.

4. In the field labeled Outgoing Mail Server type in the Server dictated by your ISP for example If you are with Telkom your outgoing server will be Make sure NOT to tick Use Authentication. Click continue.

5. In the Account Summary window, please confirm your name, Email Address, and User Name. Also verify that for Incoming and Outgoing Mail Servers. If everything is correct, click Continue

6. On the next screen, click Done.