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ADSL Services

Capped, Uncapped and Business ADSL Services

We offer various different types of access to the Internet - capped or uncapped ADSL broadband.ADSL

Access speeds are dictated by the speed set by Telkom's telephone line exchange - 2048K, 4096K, 10240K and now up to 20480K.

eMail access is the cornerstone of communication and we provide full POP3 mailboxes with sophisticated anti virus scanning and in depth anti spam scanning with BrightMail provided by our upstream provider. In addition, we do strongly suggest that you use your domain name as part of your email address - so you should be using even have a look at the pro's and con's of domain names here.

Let us know if you are interested and we'll get right back to you - person to person and not machine to person.

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Priority Capped Adsl
ADSL Internet access with 1 GB data account
R 49.00
each additional 1 GB data capacity ( own TopUp facility available )
R 49.00
Capped Adsl INCL Telkom line
2048K Telkom line and 1 GB ADSL data account
R 199.00
4096K Telkom line and 1 GB ADSL data account
R 299.00
Up to 10240K Telkom line and 1 GB ADSL data account
R 399.00
Up to 20480K (VDSL) Telkom line and 1 GB ADSL data account
R 499.00
Uncapped Adsl without line with Telkom line
R 289.00
R 489.00
R 389.00
R 689.00
UNCAPPED ADSL @ up to 10240K
R 589.00
R 989.00
UNCAPPED ADSL @ up to 20480K (VDSL)
R 889.00
R 1389.00