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Google Algorithm Update

21 April 2015


Google is constantly updating their algorithm to improve the user's experience which does in fact encourage worthy websites to make it to the illusive page 1 of results. Starting April 21st, having your website correctly structured to be mobile-friendly will be a contributing factor to overall page rankings, and this move is affecting businesses worldwide. Your website needs to stay ahead of this else it will literally fall behind. Here is Google's information page on the topic.

What this means for YOUR website ?



The push for mobile optimization of websites has been coming for years. However, consider the fact that 50 percent of all local searches are performed on mobile devices, and only about 50 percent of all websites are optimized for mobile use, there is a big gap that needs to be addressed.

According to research, websites that are not mobile friendly show a bounce rate anywhere between 65 and 90 percent, which significantly hurts your search engine rankings. This means that between 65 and 90 percent of people looking for say accommodation on their mobile device, and do not find websites that are mobile friendly - simply go to another website. This puts the pressure on your website's visibility in search engine results.

The key to 'Bums in Beds' is partly reliant on your website being both visible and usable to your customer, and for that, your website needs to be Google algorithm-friendly. If not, it will slowly but surely drop out of the rankings - you do not want this!

TEST YOUR SITE directly with Google - click on this link and enter your website address ( ) directly into Google Developer's site ( this is what use Developers use as well ) and let Google tell you if you need to be concerned.

If your site fails the Mobile Test you will see a list of changes to be addressed. Have a look at the section "How can we assist you?" which will give you options on how we can make this a painless process for you PLUS add a LOT more value and thus get you better Google Search Engine Results.

iTTCONNECT - Who are we ?



iTT CONNECT has been around since 1999 and we are the only Internet Service Provider that is a Founder Member of Proudly South African and also the only Service Provider dedicated to the Hospitality & Travel and Tourism industries in SA. We have also been appointed as preferred suppliers to the Guesthouse Accommodation of South Africa; the National Accommodation Association of South Africa; the AA Travel Guides in the southern Africa as well as other industry related associations. Yes, we are very proud of what we do, who we are associated with and appreciate the Preferred Supplier Status entrusted in us. We work hard to maintain our preferred status which means you benefit all the way.

These are the cornerstones of what we do and have been doing  for the past 15 years - if you want to talk to us, we'll listen and advise.

How we can assist you ?



So, your site has failed the Google Developer Test .... this is not the end BUT something that needs to be addressed and there are various options open to you in resolving this :

     1.  You could do this yourself at no charge ( but chances are that your expertise lie in the Hospitality industry and not the IT industry )

     2.  IF you are already a client of ours, we can do this structural upgrade for you ( as per Google Developer Test ) from R 1 250.00 plus vat once off

     3. For NAA Members - we will upgrade to 100% correct mobile structure ( as per Google Developer Test ) at R1 250.00 provided you choose to move your website to us.*

     4. If you are not a Host & Promote client nor want to become one, we can correct this for you as per Google Developer Test from R 2 850.00 plus vat once off ( depending on complexities )

* As part of our "Host & Promote Standard" or " Host & Promote PLUS" packages, we do exactly what the package says - we will host your website and we will promote your website! We also include your updates for you as well at no additional charge. There is so much we can assist your website with that all you need to do is drop us a line OR complete the short form below.

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